Hero’s Adventure: Road to Passion – Guangling Melody Score and Proud Wanderer Score

How to Get Guangling Melody Score / Proud Wanderer Score

Guangling Melody Score

Solve all the puzzles at the cities’ bulletin boards. Go and find the Mass Burial Ground or something like that. When you go there, you will have 3 choices:

  1. Dig up the graves (bring some food with you, do that will lower some of your 6 personality stats (Benevolence, etc.)
  2. Leave and come back at night, the tomb rider sect will dig up the graves for you and find a bamboo scroll (purple), fight and defeat them to get it. Bring the bamboo scroll to the old man at the nameless village to decipher it. You must have high enough Benevolence. You will get the legendary manual for Zither.
  3. Dig up at least 1 or two graves (I don’t know exactly how many), to trigger the thunder strikes. You will be able to learn an ultimate after 10 thunder strikes, leave then come back at night to trigger the event mentioned at the 2nd choice. NOTE: the tomb rider sect will dig up ALL the graves and take all of the goodies beside the scroll if you don’t do it.

Just remember to save beforehand. I should mention that maybe you don’t need to dig up the graves after all, the thunder will still hit you after the tomb rider sect’s event. I’m not sure.

Proud Wanderer Score

Proud Wanderer Score is from the Melody House questline. You need to rescue Yu Wei’er during the Daytime to avoid killing the Jiuli Tribe Leader.

Then if you talk to Fu Yaoqin to start the next quest (Exterminate Jiuli Tribe), she will give you 1 of 2 things based on your Musical stat

  • If you have <60 Musical, you can recruit both Yu Wei’er and Gu Qingcheng into your party.
  • If you have >=60 Musical, She will give you the Proud Wanderer Score.

On a side note if you have both Laughing at the World and Proud Wanderer Score learned, Fu Yaoqin will give you a Legendary Flute weapon

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