Hero’s Adventure: Road to Passion – How to Beat the Chuxiang Hero Meeting

Tips for Chuxiang Hero Meeting

The general idea is:

  • Fire, Thunder, Wind for Offensive
  • Mountain, Forest, Yin for Defensive

On a 1v1, you do not need the full fire; repeat action upon kill since its a 1v1. Which you can respec the points to more wind for more AS.

You can also try the mountain tree till first hit yields no dmg on you (it will drop your dmg output but increase your survival).

Another cheap way I find to improve your AS/qinggong on a first run through is using the vertical logs inside shifa temple spending stamina to bump it up.

Reset your stamina via food or homeland resting. If you have not unlocked it, then you have to travel back and forth to daliang inn. Improving your AS/qinggong should net you the first hit.

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