Hero’s Adventure: Road to Passion – How to Find Chu Kuangsheng

Where to Go to Find Chu Kuangsheng?

This is how it worked without the old man sect:

I joined Taoists (should also work with Shifa or Confucius sect) and worked my way up. Eventually the leader gave me a quest to duel someone from the other two sects.

The idea is that someone has to guard the ice prison this year and the duel decides who gets to do it. So after winning I was told to go to the temple in Dailang city (I think that was the one, could have been one in the other cities but there is only one with a pillar in the courtyard which can be interacted with – it only reveals a set of stairs during this particlar quest though).

And the ice prison is the place where Chu Kuangsheng is held. Meeting him should do the trick for you. I had already finished this quest before talking to the Melody House leader.

Therefore she directly sent me to kick the other sects’ butts after raising her disposition to 100.

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