Hero’s Adventure: Road to Passion – How to Get Married

Getting Married

  • Find a suitable female.
  • Try to please her buy doing things for her and/or give her presents she likes till she likes you for 100%.
  • There is a place where you can force her to marry you, the place will be unlocked by an event you will bump into.
  • Go to this place with only her in your team, she will be surprised when arrived there and may refuse, but too late, you tell her the stone says she already promised marriage in the previous life, and all you need to do is to pray to the stone
  • Then you do the stone lottery, but of course you cheat by saving the game first and try as many times as needed, so in the end the stone says you both had an agreement in previous life
  • She agrees to marry you, and sometimes ask you to be faithful.
  • Kick her our of the team and send her to your home to be a home slave, go find next female.

Note: Go to the White Cloud Temple during day time with at least one female character with 100 affinity to unlock the quest.

How many Marriage Stones are there and is there a limit on how many you can marry?

The stones used to be limited. But now you can get infinite amount of them from the auction house.

The limit of marriage is the number of possible mates, which is 18 in Version 1.0. There are a few more female “bondable” characters that are already in game, but still not implemented. Meaning, it’s likely more than 18 in the subsequent versions.

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