Hero’s Adventure: Road to Passion – How to Get Stronger

How to Actuallly Get Stronger

Mediating to increase Levels is the worst way to get stronger.

Your damage is affected by your Combat stat. If you never spar/duel with anyone, you will do -50% damage and take +50% more damage at the lowest Combat.

Each point of Str, Con, and Int also provide bonuses to ATK/DEF based on your current Level. Pumping those up will give you more power than just Leveling up with Low Stats.

For example: Level 100 with 10 Str will have 1500 Atk while a Level 100 with 1 Str will have 150 Atk.


  1. Need gold external and internal manuals, weapons, also it depends on how you distribute the your martial art level. I found it helpful to level up the defensive martial art trees, especially against high level enemies. You can reset the martial art level anytime.

  2. unless you know what you are doing, you should not be on nightmare difficulty.

    your attribute, internal, external and passive skills should synergized with each other such as…… on a external skill it will tell you which attribute it scale with (strength, constituion, detexity, etc). Also, some external skills will say whether your main “internal” should be Yang, Yin, or Neutral to help with that skill.

    On nightmare difficulty, your internal should be purple or higher by level 50. You should only have 3 external skills to cycle around and all others should be internal skills for more hp/mp/def. You do not need 6 external skills going around tickling others.

    your gears should have at least purple if not gold by lvl 50. Use homestead system to transfer gold equipment around.

    ALSO, max your stamina and mood when going to a big fight.

    ALSO, achievements are very important since new game trait points and attribute points are all depending on achievements. Thus, if you have low achievements, go back play on easy mode since it would be a great help having the right traits for the build.

  3. WELL, the good thing about day 700 is that I think enemies stopped getting stronger with time about 600 days ago.
    The bad thing is that you definitely are below the power level you should have at days 100+, so boss-type fights are going to be an interesting challenge.

    My setups tend to be 4 externals (3 are not enough for cycling them when you start adding legendaries to the mix) and 5 internals. It shouldn’t be too hard to aim at all legendary internals and at least 2 legendary 2 epic externals. If you have stuff in the homestead it’s trivial, if you don’t it should be doable: at the very least you can get Vairocana Solar Sutra and Celestial Lady Scattering Flowers without fights, and Prayer Manual with a fight that hopefully doesn’t scale with time.

    Do you know if you deal damage to your opponent? Or does he go first and just OHKO you?
    If it’s rocket tag, maybe using Prayer Manual for a single-use resurrection or going into Earth passives for one instance of damage negation might be enough to win the fight.

    If you just tickle him you could try going with a full turtle build – you probably still want Prayer Manual (from the difference in damage you mentioned I don’t think you’d survive with anything else anyway) and as much damage reflection as you can get your hands on by respeccing your passives. Surround him and hope he dies faster than your own team does.

    For more specific help I’d need to know more about your specific situation – stuff like your team, sect, and the content of your homestead.

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