Hero’s Adventure: Road to Passion – How to Max Out Persuade

How to Cheat

There is no official way to max out persuade, other than to exploit the game. There’s another 50XP by talking to the guard the second time in the border gate to South West region.

Heisen is right about the exploit, and it still works, I just did it in early December. Heisen was referring to the two boy servants in Lin’an Maiden house.

But you’ll need to prepare a lot of silver scraps, increase their affinity, learn persuade from them and then ambush them. They will respawn in a few in-game hours.

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  1. They need alot more people/sources you can learn certain skills from, including Persuasion.

    Armour Smithing, Accessory Appraising and Medicine Appraising could all do with some help I’ve found.

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