Hero’s Adventure: Road to Passion – Jiang Ziyan is the Best Partner / Waifu

Here’s Why Jiang Ziyan is the Best Partner

  • She is mature and doesn’t partner with MC for affection or some emotional(passing) c4ap, but consciously as a partner because she trusts me to protect her (…big question who protects who however…)
  • Is insanely strong yet starts at low level (you can customize her passives as you level up) + her poison complements my Blade bleed very well.
  • Has best relatshionship gain pair(matching my playstyle preferences): Propriety Negative + Trust Positive. I do steal a lot but I also try to keep my word & not abandon jobs. So is she.
  • Has True Neutral alignment at its finest. Really will happily accompany both hero & villain (I kinda do a mix of heroics & villainly so again perfect match).
  • She is a tall brunette with a suggested mix of Han & tribal blood, exactly my type of girl.
  • Is a true expert of poison, not an excited mad scientist type like Caidie, but actually a conscious user of that technique.

I really did not find (yet) a girl who would come even close to her. Well, Caidie was the closest second, but still no match for my Zi’er.

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  1. Han Hongyu.

    With all things being equal at level 100, she hits like a *** truck and one of the fastest AS wife out there. Her bonding story also was more involved than any other girls out there.

    Not to mention Blade arts have high crits and comes with bleeding so she can wipe the map solo even before MC has to move if you build her right (Wind, Fire, Forest)

  2. Han Hongyu is best girl
    She’s a wild tiger in battle and has one of the more involved/unique storylines to become bonded with her.

    Qu Wangyou is also an excellent choice.
    She has an interesting storyline as leader of the Healing Sect, many events she can be involved in using her famous doctor abilities and finally teaching you +50 medical if you are Benevolent is very helpful.

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