Hero’s Adventure: Road to Passion – Jianghu Master Ending Guide

How to Achieve Jianghu Master Ending

You get respect level in six sects first. That’s lang sword, Taoist, Crime investigation bureau, confuiscious, shifa, water camp something.

Afterwards you have to fight all six masters one by one… but 4 of them have revive with 100% hp/mp after you kill them once.

In short it is hard, at least the second half the first is easy especially if you are married the the princess since you get a bonus greeting effect.

To give a bit of insight of builds I would recommend going for that sort of achievement once you have around 110 achievement points or more. I did a solo run on normal and the continuous fights you just need the stats for as well as the sustain. For perks that I would consider essential would be replenishing qi and blood since it almost doubles your hp pool.

Secondly would be Lone Wanderer since it makes leveling really fast and gives you a ton of damage. I would suggest getting Sturdy, Stalwart, and Unique Skeleton. It gives a bunch of bonus stats and without any extra points added you start with 14 con which is good enough for the entire game.

Then with extra points I would recommend getting perks that give extra action speed like Loner, Rapid Response, and Quick Reflexes. Makes the early game super easy and fast action speed combined with seal is op. For weapon I chose Spear since Pear Blossom is a great weapon you get early on no matter what and it inflicts a lot of seal.

I think the value on it is randomized each time so you might want to save before picking it up. I believe the maximum value on seal it can give is 8 however, I am not sure. With high Action speed and seal you just stunlock them and you use the Jade Pendant from Hua Siniang for sustain.

It gives you 8% of your missing HP and MP after every action and with this build you are getting something crazy like 10 actions per action the enemy gets.

This means even if you take a big hit and get low you just heal back to 75% hp super quickly and can sustain it for basically ever.

For the Armor I used the immovable mountain that the old man gives you for beating the highest tier of arena that you should have at this point in the game but the armor isn’t super important.

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