Hero’s Adventure: Road to Passion – Melody House + Jiuli Tribe

How to Recruit from Both Factions

There’s a few variables to juggle but you can recruit everyone, even if you have 60+ music.

  • If you pass the quiz in Lin’An (I don’t think you need to perfect it, but you probably have to pass at least the minimum MP part) and talk to Gu Qincheng outside Melody Hall before talking to her inside (or maybe before picking specific dialogue options – the sure path is just waiting for her outside during the three days you can’t go in), you get to recruit her.
  • If you rescue Yu Weier at night, facing the Jiuli tribe leader and the harder fight, she will immediately follow you.
  • If Caidie is recruited but not married yet she’s still a member of Jiuli, so the quest to exterminate them triggers. This is only important if you want the Proud Wanderer score, as you already have the recruits.
  • You don’t need to take Caidie to the shrine near Chuxiang before, just to the Jiuli statue is enough. After you marry her she will leave the tribe and the quest will complete.

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