Hero’s Adventure: Road to Passion – Quick Way to Make a Lot of Money Early / Mid Game

Quick Way to Make a Lot of Money

Zhangyue Casino in Daliang: 10+ luck ideally, high minimum bets here. Clearing out all tables every week or so will give you plenty of income, but will require a lot of save scumming at low luck. Also gets you access to Zhihua’s quest, which is a fat money infusion whenever you can do it.

If you wait to clear the Nameless Region Bandit Camp until the Village Elder asks you to, he’ll give you a +3 luck artifact which is helpful for gambling.

Auctioning Materials: Preferably with high level gathering skills. Go to either Back Mountain of Homestead if it’s level 4/5 or Langya Sword Pavillion if not. Gather for legendary wood/metal, auction at night auction. Will get you an average of 30-50 guan per auction. This is best if you don’t like save scumming gambling, but it does consume a lot of in game time as you can only sell 1 item per night

An easy early game Thunderstruck Wood can be obtained from destroying the tree by the well at Nameless Village and auctioned off this way for starting capital

Bullion / Scrap Silver trading: Only a point to this if you can’t do the other two for some reason or you’re very early game. Scrap silver can be found on the ground and various chests, traded at pawn shops for money using the ‘exchange’ dialogue option. Mid game you can exterminate the Tomb Raider Sect for around 50 Guan and a few scrap silver and gold buillon

Stealing: Haven’t messed with this much, but stealing from wealthy NPCs should be a decent way to get items for auctioning. The Invisibility Cape from Nest of Swallows makes you practically undetectable. With Immobilize this can allow you to rob people blind, but it will mess up your morality stats and require a bit of setup.

Marrying the Princess: Check the allies guide for the full details. Doing this requires you to be able to clear the Tower of Enlightenment, so it’s fairly endgame. Once you marry her, you get 2 guan per day from the Royal Son in Law trait. This effectively solves money problems, but requires giving up 1/3rd of the Imperial Seal and dealing with reputation gain debuff with women as a result of being married.

These are all the means I can think of, but using a combination of all of the above money should cease to be an issue.

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