Hero’s Adventure: Road to Passion – Treasure Pavilion Item Transferring

How Does Item Transferring in Treasure Pavilion Work?

Each character can take and item from a pedestal once. The pedestals are saved separately from your save file. One thing you can do is take an item, save your game, put the item back, then load the save. You’ll have the item from the pedestal and it will be back on your pedestal.

You can also duplicate an item. You save in the treasure pavilion. Then you place an item. Then you load the save so you have the item back and it’s also on the pedestal. Then you can repeat with the other pedestals.

You can’t replace an item if you’ve taken an item from that pedestal on that character. What you can do is make a second character, then play until you unlock the homestead, then take the item off the pedestal with the second character.

Then load the save of the first character and put the first character’s item on the pedestal.

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