Hero’s Adventure: Road to Passion – Useful Tips for Machinery Skill

How to Train Machinery Skill

For machinery you can get trained by the leader of the tomb raider sect and by a guy standing next to the leader of the blue wind camp. There’s another trainer in the Confucian sect in a wheelchair but you need to join them. Otherwise use the machinery option to open chests for 50 skill xp a pop.

Once you get to Level 3 or 4, you should be able to open the jail doors for massive XP, including the jails in all major cities and jails in Crime Investigation Bureau.

You’re not suppose to use any keys to open chest to level up your machinery, except the golden tier chests with rings. Here’s a rather incomplete list of chests from my own notes:

  • Nameless Village – Smith shop, Wood cutter house, treasure map chest, Hua Siniang’s chest, massive XP gains from elder’s chests
  • Chu Xiang – Jail
  • DaLiang – Inn, nameless house beside tea shop, armour shop, house beside butcher’s shop, outside the school, inside Duke Qi’s compound X2, outside the jail, outside the music shop brothel thingy.
  • Lin’an – Ping An courier, inn, martial arts school, magistrate court, the disrepair temple

Other chests with XP – inside Blue wind camp, Ye army camp, Da Wang (Big King?) bandit camp, Nest of Swallow’s hidden room, the Mo Jin (tomb raider’s) hidden room.

Your last resort – Ding’s family hidden room for massive XP gain.

You’ll just have to do this once, your skills can carry over to the next play through if you meet the requirements.

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