Hero’s Adventure: Road to Passion – Usefult Tips for Nine Factions Quest

Nine Factions Quest Tips

This is one of the more frustrating quests that I have encountered. I did two things:

1) I picked one kidnapped NPC that I wouldn’t miss at all and released that person. Only that single person. So, if he/she dies, if won’t bother or affect me. Then proceed with the rest of the fight. This was what I did the first time I went into this.

2) The second time, I built up the MC and a couple of party members to be both fast and tough. Esp, I boosted everyone’s combat rating by sharing kills out. In this case, I had the masked constable and Qu Wanyou as my other main fighters. I also had Gu Qingcheng, where her attacks either slowed down or stun the Nine Sects people.

I respec all three to make them a bit tankier by changing their stats, I also levelled everyone to Lvl 100 via ice prison before I went into this quest.

Again, I released a single NPC. This time, I managed to engage the Nine Sects leader n NPCs in close combat. And with decent combat stats, kept their attention and the kidnapped NPC (barely) alive.

I found giving everyone Vairocana Solar Sutra is extremely helpful as it negates all statues effects, esp Sealed.

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