Hero’s Adventure: Road to Passion – Weapons Overview

Which Weapons Feel More Complete Than Others?

Sword, Fist and Blade are the best all-rounders:

Swords have easy access to Legendary Weapons and plenty Legendary Externals. They require a bit of effort to get (most are locked behind sects). Plenty of companions I like are specced for swords, so I usually skip them for the sake of variety.

Fists actually have great area coverage: depending on the type of technique they can attack with different shapes of AoE – but they work off different attributes, so you might not want to hyperspecialize those. Legendary Techniques are plentiful enough and Legendary Weapons are annoying to get. (off the top of my mind, your only options are the one-time auction and murdering sects)

Blades are good stat sticks and tend to be full of bleeding. Their attack areas also tend to be pretty good for big sweeps. Legendary Techniques are abundant and you can get a couple pretty early. Extra good for an evil run aligned with the Yan army.

Spears have the advantage of a relatively early Epic combo of technique and weapon in Pear Blossom. Other than that, if you’re planning to stay pure spear you will definitely NEED to join the Ye Army and follow their questline, and you might want to help the Jiuli tribe too.

Staves don’t have many Legendary Techniques but I really like anything that ignores armor, so Dharma Staff gets high points from me. It’s also trivial to get a Legendary Staff super early in the game (Hint: check Wan Yan Liang’s pockets when you meet him at sects).

Together with perfect adaptation they form Voltron… no, I mean they become plenty usable – even if you might STILL be stuck without a full set of Legendaries depending on playthrough choices

Daggers have garbage support. They have a single Legendary Technique that’s annoying to get, and I think a pretty late game Legendary Weapon.

Brush and Fan are pretty similar, and both want you to love Confucius. They don’t have a great amount of Legendary techniques but what they have are pretty good (I’m pretty sure Orchid Pavillion Preface can carry games)

Together with perfect adaptation Brush, Fan and Dagger are an absolutely valid choice.

Music is my favourite, but it really really wants you to have perfect adaptation (there’s a point where you’re rewarded with a legendary flute if you learned a specific Lute and a specific Zither technique, so I’ll take that as the game trying to tell me something).

With perfect adaptation you’ll have more techniques and weapons than you know what to do, all pretty decent (music tends to add nasty rider effects to attacks).

Without perfect adaptation Lute has the best support (Weapon and 2 techniques) and Zither the earliest Legendary at the sweet price of some tomb raiding.

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