Hero’s Adventure: Road to Passion – Where to Farm Pearls

How to Farm Pearls

Fishing for Clams!

After that just open those clams, if you’re lucky you got the Pearl and not Clam Meat.

Those clams are only appear on Epic or Legendary fishing spot. It’s called Mussel (cause there also normal clams that called Small River clams that if I remember it right doesn’t contain any Pearls).

There are two places (both are in Lin’An region):

  • Snowflower Valley (near waterfall).
  • Waterfall Pond (the hidden area in southwest of Lin’an).

You can also fish it on Homestead Back Mountain (but maybe need to upgrade your Homestead’s Back Mountain first to make it appear).

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  1. There is a spot in the starting village where the old man that sell you the fishing rod, as night approaches he retired for the night. That spot will have clams.

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