Hero’s Adventure: Road to Passion – Where to Find Epic (Purple) Nameless Paintings / Calligraphy

Epic Nameless Calligraphy / Paintings

Hua Chi and Shu Kuang cannot be recruited with purple tier paintings, unless your intention is to raise the affinity points.

For Hua Chi, you need a very specific Legendary tier painting (Along the River During the Qingming Festival), which is only available from the auction.

You don’t need to give it to him, he will follow you just to have a look at the painting, you still get to keep the painting after inviting him into the party.

For Shu Kuang, he will follow you, as long as Hua Chi is in your party.


  1. 2 places I know of.

    1. go to pawn shops and gift them until you can trade with them. I know they have epic nameless since I bought at least two of each that way. Some of the painting/calligraphy merchants may have it too.
    2. longevity temple has a bunch behind locked chests.

    But most epics are by trades only.

  2. Earliest ones you can get is with the village elder, get him/nameless village to 100 trust and get the dragon key. In the hidden room under his house is the main chest with 2 epic nameless calligraphy and paintings.

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