Hero’s Adventure: Road to Passion – Zither Starter Build Tips

Useful Tips for Zither Build

All stats apply retroactively, you will have the same ATk/DEF if you start at 10 Int at Level 50 compared to starting at 1 Int and raising it to 10 at Level 50 (500 Atk/Def in both cases).

Each point of Int gives (Level)Atk/Def.

The most MP your MC can lose from Int is 460 MP. You start with 560 and can go down to 100 with Int.

Overall, as long as you get more than 460 ATK from Int, increasing Int will give you more damage. That is Level 46 at 10 Int, 23 at 20 Int, and so on.

You can also increase STR to increase your Damage. Each point of Str gives (Level*1.5)Atk.

So you can start with 10 Str and 1 Int and do far more damage.

After Level 50 you will want to raise your Int up to 10 via training.

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  1. If you want to pump up your MP get legendary internals and eat as many herbs as you can collect/buy from auction. You’d get much more damage from having high int (and therefore attack) than the mp bonus so it’s not really worth it to go int 1 just for more mp.

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