Honkai: Star Rail – How to Play Argenti (Update 1.5)

The goal of these guides is to simplify the game’s mechanics so that it is easy to understand for everyone. This means that I won’t go in-depth about how things work. However, if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Argenti Guide

About Argenti – Taken from the in game info about Agenti

Note that the costs of materials are all for maxing out Argenti’s level and Traces.

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As an Erudition character, Argenti excels in doing AoE damage and hitting many targets. As you ideally want to use his 180 energy cost Ultimate, Argenti needs a lot of energy, meaning you’ll want more Spd to use his Skill more frequently for energy recharge.

Assuming that his Talent is maxed, it can provide up to 28% of Crit Rate so Crit Rate isn’t as important.


Oh wow that Talent is good


It is important to note that although Eidolons make a character stronger, they are by no means nessasary. Don’t feel forced to pull if you don’t want to!

  • Anyhow, Argenti’s E1 would help a lot as now he has up to 40% Crit Dmg built into his kit.
  • Combined with his E4, that would bring it up to a max of 48% Crit Dmg & 33.6% Crit Rate.
  • His E6 just allows his Ultimate to hit a lot bigger numbers, which is always a plus!


Even without Eidolons, his Talent is extremely valuble as it doesn’t have a cooldown so once you gain a stack, it will last until the end of the battle, giving you a pretty much permanent boost in Crit Rate.

The rest are just ranked based on the amount of damge they do. (Ulti > Skill > BA)


As mentioned before, Argenti wants more Spd so that you can regenerate energy for his Ultimate faster. Alternatively, you can give him more Energy Recharge through the set bonuses. In this case, you can give him a different Plannar Ornament set that offers more ER, such as Sprightly Vonwacq.

Champion of Streetwise Boxing is by far the best set for Argenti. (as of V1.5) But if you are still in the earlier parts of the game or you are still farming, Musketeer of Wild Wheat works too.

Firmament Frontline: Glamoth makes use of the Speed that you should have to increase your dsmage output. It is also easy to meet Inert Salsotto’s requirements as Argenti’s Talent already provides a lot of Crit Rate.

Light Cones

Formatting this is still a pain

Argenti’s best Light Cone is, of course, his signiture Light Cone, An Instant Before a Gaze. It takes advantage of Argenti’s high energy cap and converts it into damage. However, if you bought Nameless Glory, are is a Light Cone that has almost the same effect: Today is Another Peaceful Day.

For F2P players that weren’t as lucky, there are still many good Light Cones you can use! Aside from the ones above, there is also The Seriousness of Breakfast.


Thats all!

Fun Fact: If you encounter the Knights of Beauty event in Simulated Universe with Argenti on your party, you’ll get an achievement!

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