Honkai: Star Rail – Jing Yuan Ultimate Guide

It has been a week since Jing Yuan’s banner was released, and the game’s revenue has skyrocketed because of him. Many Trailblazers may still wonder why Jing Yuan is so popular, so let me explain in an article why he is a must-have character!

Character Introduction

As one of the seven Arbiter-Generals of the Xianzhou Alliance’s Cloud Knights, Jing Yuan is a 5-Star Lightning Type DPS character that walks The Path of Erudition.

He possesses a unique mechanic called the “Lightning-Lord.” This is a divine presence bestowed upon Jing Yuan by Lan the Aeon of Hunt. It is an independent ally unit that can be summoned during battles.

Players cannot directly control the Lightning-Lord, and it will only appear and disappear in rotation with the action bar.

While in the inactive state, the Lightning-Lord, will silently accumulate energy. During this time, Jing Yuan can use his Skill and Ultimate to assist in charging the Lightning-Lord, allowing it to unleash multiple attacks upon activation. Additionally, Jing Yuan’s Skill and Ult can increase the speed of the Lightning-Lord, enabling it to appear more quickly.

Highest Skill Multiplier

One of the reasons why Jing Yuan is worth pulling for is due to his having the highest skill multiplier in the entire game.

In his Talent “Prana Extirpated” it states that each hit from the Lightning-Lord deals Lightning damage equal to 49% of Jing Yuan’s attack (at talent level 6). This means that with all ten hits, it can unleash damage with a multiplier of 490%.

This damage can be considered extremely formidable. Jing Yuan’s multiplier surpassed other DPS characters, such as Seele with 340% (at talent level 6) or the Trailblazer (Physical) with 375% (at talent level 6).

Indeed, the Lightning-Lord not only boasts a remarkably high single-target multiplier but also can deal 25% of the Lightning damage as splash damage to surrounding enemies. This essentially provides him with an additional 123% multiplier in AOE. It’s worth noting that even Himeko’s AOE Ult has a multiplier of only 165% (at talent level 4)!

With such a powerful skill mechanism, Jing Yuan is more than capable of dominating the game for a long time, being the best DPS in the current version.

Versatile Lightning-Type DPS

Another reason why Jing Yuan is a must-have is that he is a top-tier Lightning-type DPS character.

Before the release of Jing Yuan, the Lightning-type characters were in a rather awkward position. On one hand, there were numerous in-game scenarios that required Lightning-type characters to handle, such as simulating Universe 3, 4, and 6.

But on the other hand, characters like Serval and Arlan struggled to fulfill this role. After all, their skills heavily relied on “synergy” and teamwork. While Jing Yuan is different. With his skill module centered around the Lightning-Lord, he forms a self-contained system that doesn’t rely on teammates. His high-damage skills are more than enough to handle various challenges.

What’s more, his skills primarily consist of multiple hits. For example, his Skill is a multi-hit AOE, and the Lightning-Lord can attack up to ten times. This grants him powerful shield-breaking abilities, allowing him to serve as both a main damage dealer and a shield breaker.

With Jing Yuan, players can essentially breeze through the three Universe Bosses outside of Kafka without much pressure. Players can also raid EXP and Material dungeons with Jing Yuan’s tremendous damage output. It’s an investment that yields long-term benefits.

Easily Formable Lineup

While Jing Yuan’s skills are self-contained and don’t heavily rely on external forces, his damage output can be significantly enhanced with proper support. As for characters that provide such assistance, there are two notable options: Bronya and Tingyun.

Obtaining the five-star character Bronya is not easy, but Tingyun is relatively accessible in the current version. After all, she is included in the same banner as Jing Yuan, making her somewhat of a bonus.

So, once players obtain Jing Yuan and Tingyun, they can form a versatile lineup by pairing them with the bonus support character Natasha, who serves as a healer, and the Trailblazer (Fire), who provides a powerful shield. This lineup can be used to tackle various scenarios, making it friendly to all players.

Lastly, the strong character design and stylish appearance are also part of Jing Yuan’s charm. As the saying goes, strength may be temporary, but handsomeness is forever. However, Jing Yuan combines both power and good looks, making him a must-have character.

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