Honkai: Star Rail – Yanqing Character Guide (Skills, Equipments, Lineups)

Overall Review

Yanqing is the most powerful single-enemy ice damage dealer in version 1.0. Being a The Hunt character, Yanqing is good at dealing damage to a single enemy and is very useful in boss fights. Also, his signature Light Cone can be obtained through purchasing with Starlight, which you can get from gacha. Plus he is available in the normal banner, this makes him a super F2P-friendly unit.

Moreover, due to his unique talent that triggers follow-up attacks, he is also good at breaking enemy toughness. And we shouldn’t forget that the ice weakness break effect is one of the most powerful break effects right now since it makes enemies lose one turn.

Being a strong unit, Yanqing also has his own problem. He needs to always maintain the Soulsteel Sync state, which can be activated by using his Skill in order to deal as much damage as possible. Soulsteel Sync also prevents Yanqing from being targeted by enemies.

Then what is Yanqing’s problem? There are two problems when playing Yanqing. First, he always consumes 1 skill point every turn to maintain the Soulsteel Sync. Second, even with Soulsteel Sync decreasing the chance of Yanqing being targeted, there are still a lot of enemies that can deal AOE damage and he can be easily caught up in that.

In conclusion, Yanqing is still a powerful unit despite all the cons I mentioned. To get to the detail, let’s head to the next section.

Skills and Mechanics

Talent: One with The Sword

Description (level 1): When Soulsteel Sync is active, Yanqing is less likely to be attacked by enemies. Yanqing’s CRIT Rate increases by 15% and his CRIT DMG increases by 15%. After Yanqing attacks an enemy, there is a 50% fixed chance to perform a follow-up attack, dealing Ice DMG equal to 25% of Yanqing’s ATK to the enemy, which has a 65% base chance to Freeze the enemy for 1 turn.

The Frozen target cannot take actions and receives Additional Ice DMG equal to 25% of Yanqing’s ATK at the beginning of each turn.

When Yanqing receives DMG, the Soulsteel Sync effect will disappear.

The icon next to his portrait shows the activation of the Soulsteel Sync

Explain: Soulsteel Sync is a special state that can be activated by using his Skill. Once activated, his CRIT Rate and CRIT DMG will be increased as long as the Soulsteel Sync is still activated. While in Soulsteel Sync, using his Basic Attack, Skill, or Ultimate has a chance to trigger a follow-up attack, dealing DMG through 2 hits, and has a 65% chance to freeze the enemy. The Soulsteel Sync effect will disappear if Yanqing is damaged (hit by enemies or damaged by DoT) or after using his Basic Attack (Soulsteel Sync only last for one turn).

Review: Yanqing’s talent is powerful. The CRIT Rate and CRIT DMG increase will help building equipment for him a lot easier. And the ability of freezing enemies is very important because it will give your team a big advantage.

Basic Attack: Frost Thorn

Description (level 1): Deals Ice DMG equal to 50% of Yanqing’s ATK to a single enemy.

Explain: Yanqing’s Basic Attack is a 2-hit attack that deals ice damage to a single enemy.

Skill: Darting Ironthorn

Description (level 1): Deals Ice DMG equal to 110% of Yanqing’s ATK to a single enemy and activates Soulsteel Sync for 1 turn.

Explain: Yanqing’s Skill is a 4-hit attack that deals ice damage to a single enemy. Using this skill will activate the Soulsteel Sync or extend its duration if activated.

Ultimate: Admist The Raining Bliss

Description (level 1): Increases Yanqing’s CRIT Rate by 60%. When Soulsteel Sync is active, increases Yanqing’s CRIT DMG by an extra 30%. This buffs last for 1 turn. Afterwards, deals Ice DMG equal to 210% of Yanqing’s ATK to a single enemy.

Explain: Yanqing’s Ultimate is a 1-hit attack that deals ice damage to a single enemy. If the Soulsteel Sync is activated, an extra 30% CRIT DMG buff will be added to the Soulsteel Sync buff. This effect only last one turn. If Yanqing is damaged before his next turn after using the Ultimate and lost Soulsteel Sync, the extra CRIT DMG buff will also be lost. Also, this extra buff won’t last if you use Yanqing’s Skill to extend Soulsteel Sync duration.

Technique: The One True Sword

Description (level MAX): After using his Technique, at the start of the next battle, Yanqing deals 30% more DMG for 2 turn(s) to targets whose current HP is 50% or higher.

Traces and Bonus Ability

Yanqing’s Bonus Abilities don’t give any new mechanic so I won’t mention here.

Light Cones And Relics

Light Cones

Review: Due to the huge bonus CRIT DMG and CRIT rate buff,Sleep Like the Deadcan be considered the best Light cones for Yanqing. It can be obtained through gacha or purchasing with Starlight.

Beside his signature Light cones,In The Nightis also very good for Yanqing because of the extra CRIT Rate buff that will help guarantee his CRIT and bonus ATK scale on SPD. Despite being a 4-star Light cones,Swordplayis still considered OP thanks to its huge ATK buff on a single target. Yanqing’s Skill is a 4-hit attack, so you will be able to nearly fully stack the Light Cones passive with just his Skill alone.

Cruising in the Stellar Seais a 5-star Light Cone you can obtained from Herta’s Store in the Simulated Universe Game mode. Being a 5-star Light Cone means it will give a better stats than a 4-star Light Cone. But its passive is not that good so I rated it a little lower.


Cavern Relics

There are not many relic options that are available in version 1.0, so what relics to use is not a hard question to answer. My suggestion is full set Hunter of Glacial Forest for best performace. Or you can mix Hunter of Glacial Forest with Musketeer of Wild Wheatas a secondary option and it still give a good DMG output.

The main OPT you would want for the Body piece is CRIT DMG or CRIT rate. A CRIT Rate of 30-35% would be good enough, and 40% would be ideal. The Feet piece’s main OPT should be ATK%. The priority order for the sub stat is CRIT DMG% -> CRIT Rate% -> ATK% -> ATK -> Speed (if you use In The NightLight Cone)

Planar Ornaments

The best Planer Ornament for Yanqing should be Inert Salsottosince it increases the CRIT Rate and Ultimate, follow-up DMG if the CRIT Rate is above 50%, which is a piece of cake for Yanqing.

You can also use Space Sealing Stationif you activated his third bonus ability Gentle Blade, which will increase Yanqing’s SPD for 2 turn after a CRIT hit.

Companions and Lineups


Being a damage dealer, Yanqing’s best companions are the two most powerful Harmory Character right now,TingyunandBronya(strong at buffing ATK, CRIT DMG),Pelais also a good friend of Yanqing since she can reduce enemies’ DEF. At 4th Eidolon, Pela also reduces the enemy’s ICE RES after using her Skill.

To operate Yanqing well, you will need a decoy in your team to attract enemies away from Yanqing, and Gepardor Trailblazer – The Preservationcan do the job relatively well. You can also use Landau’s ChoiceLight Cone on these two for a better distraction.

If you don’t want to use these two or haven’t built them yet, you can still useMarch 7thas a last resort. There are two way to use her in Yanqing’s team: cast shield on Yanqing to prevent him from being damaged (this work well if enemies can do AoE or DoT DMG), or cast shield on other characters to distract enemies away from Yanqing (this work well if enemies don’t have AoE ability). One more thing, March 7th’s first bonus ability will cleanse 1 debuff for the ally she casts the shield on, this is essential because DoT caused by enemies can erase Soulsteel Sync.

Yanqing’s Best Companions


Now, we know who is Yanqing’s best companion, then who should we use to build Yanqing’s team?

The three formations that I often use are:

  • 1 DPS, 1 Healer, 1****er, 1 Support (this is for map run or elite enemy fights).
  • 1 DPS, 1 Healer/****er, 2 Support (this serves the same purpose of the formation above, but this you only use this one if you are confident about Yanqing won’t be hit by enemies).
  • 2 DPS, 1 Healer/****er, 1 Support (this is for boss fights that able to summon smaller enemies, you will need a secondary DPS to deal with them).

Which formation you should choose is depended on what type of combat you are about to engage and what toughnesss do enemies have.

For example, you are fighting Automaton Grizzlyand your level is a little lower than it. Your team should contain at least two characters that have the same element with the boss toughness, which is Ice, Fire, or Lightning.

Automaton Grizzlyhas the ability to summon twoAutomaton Spiderthat explode on death (Wind and Lightning Toughness). So, with team should we use?

The first option is Traiblazer – The Preservation as ****er, Natasha/Bailu as healer, Tingyun as supporter and Yanqing as the DPS. The reason for this team is Traiblazer – The Preservation is a good Fire Breaker and able to taunt the enemies. Although, he doesn’t provide a good shield, so a healer is required.Automaton Grizzlycan’t do DoT so we don’t need cleanse ability. I choose Tingyun instead of bronya because she can deal toughness damage toAutomaton Grizzlyas well as the summonedAutomaton Spider. Yanqing have enough damage to deal with the Automaton Spiderwithout having to break their toughness.

With this same thought and the ability to analyze the situation, you will be able to build a suitable team for your Yanqing.

Tips and Tricks

Use Ultimate to extend Soulsteel Sync duration

The extra buff given by Yanqing’s Ultimate will reset the Soulsteel Synce duration. So here is the trick where your Yanqing’s energy is nearly or fully charged and your team is out of skill points, you can cast his Basic Attack to charge up his energy and then immediately cast his Ultimate right after that to extend the Soulsteel Synce duration. This trick helps you earn 1 skill point for your team instead of consuming it and still able to keep the Soulsteel Sync state.

Place Yanqing and the decoy character at two ends of the team

There are two type of AoE in this game: All targets or adjacent targets. In case where enemies have the ability to deal damage to adjacent targets, it will be wise to put the decoy character far away from Yanqing. Position 1 or 4 would be the best option because only one more character will take damage from this type of AoE.

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