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In the ancient world of Aetheron, humans and horses lived in harmony, their bond strengthened by a connection that allowed for mutual understanding and cooperation. Aetheron was covered in lush, vibrant landscapes and was teeming with magical energy everywhere.

Spirit Horses

Mythical spirits that rarely show themselves to horse or human, they are akin to gods and oversee the balance of the world though are unable to directly intervene. There are otherwise no limitations to the abilities of spirit horses. Each and every spirit horse represents something important within the world: from farming, to the elements themselves. When the world is suffering, so will the spirit horses. The spirits served as the creators of horses, continuously designing new equine companions that could collaborate with humans in innovative ways.

Spirit Blessings

In certain villages, humans under the watchful eye of the spirits often received precious gifts, transforming their very anatomy or fulfilling their deepest desires. Such blessings were particularly bestowed upon groups of humans who displayed profound reverence for the deities. It is from these divine gifts that the boundless and varied race of human-horse hybrid beings emerged. 

The First Horses

In the beginning, everyhorse possessed unique magical abilities, reflecting the diversity found in nature. They held their own intricate beliefs, language, empathy, and emotions, often as dynamic, if not more so, than those of humans. Guided by the horse spirits, which protected them and granted them divine gifts and wisdom, the bond between spirit, horse, and human epitomized absolute harmony and balance.

The inhabitants of Aetheron

In the harmonious world of the past, human races and horses lived in symbiotic unity, where civilization seamlessly intertwined their settlements within nature. Transportation relied heavily on horses, revered as partners in daily life, pulling carriages along winding roads. The relationship between humans and horses was built on mutual respect, with each recognizing the other’s vital role in maintaining the natural balance. Together, they nurtured the land, fostering a shared journey of discovery and growth rooted in cooperation and empathy.

Arcane Dominion

Led by Orion, the Arcane Dominion is a potent coalition of ambitious mages and warriors, sought to exploit the world’s vast magical energies for their own selfish gain. Driven by greed and arrogance, they believed in their entitlement to control and exploit these resources without heed for consequences. Viewing the harmonious bond between humans and horses as an obstacle, they aim to dominate nature and society.

End of Aetheron

The cataclysmic event caused by the Arcane Dominion’s reckless actions led to widespread devastation. It is unknown what occurred to the inhabitants and architecture of Aetheron.

Main Characters


Aurelia is a wise and powerful warrior mage. Her strength is ice magic.


Dr. Alexander, otherwise known to most as simply Alex, is a brilliant scientist and archaeologist driven by a thirst for knowledge and a desire to understand what led to the world’s downfall.


Lyric, a wandering bard, possesses a rare gift: her soulful melodies and captivating tales serve as the sole conduit for communication with horses. With a heart as wild as the creatures she cherishes, she roams the land, seeking inspiration and adventure.


The last centaur, cursed to an immortal life, the reason for Aetheron’s downfall and displays a strength for fire magic.


Hey, how did you even get here? Oh well, guess we better take care of you now!

Edloria Post Cataclysm

Only remnants of old architecture hint at the past.

Horses Post Cataclysm

In the aftermath of the cataclysmic event, the world for horses would have undergone significant changes, both physically and emotionally. This means all humanoid races can no longer communicate with horses in any way.

Current Canon Species


Satyrs are a horse human hybrid, featuring horse legs, ears, and fast long growing hair. Satyrs take on the agility of horses themselves, with a springy and swift nature. Satyrs thrive on social interaction and are more prone to having twins or triplets more than any other species. Satyrs are naturally diversely skilled and quick learners, where they lack in magical ability they make up in their handiwork, though it isn’t uncommon for satyrs to possess some magical abilities.


Auricorns are unicorn-human hybrids, featuring a unicorn-style horn on their heads, intensely powerful magical abilities, and long, slender horse ears. Auricorns are an incredibly rare species of human-unicorn hybrid, as their magically infused bodies can make it difficult to have children. Despite this, the magic ingrained deeply in their cells makes auricorns some of the most powerful species on the planet. 


Centaurs are a horse body with a human torso, they feature a naturally muscular build and strong magical powers. During the golden ages of Aetheron, horses honed extreme magical capabilities even if it wasn’t outwardly displayed on their appearances. Centaurs were no exception to this and have a natural affinity for magic. Centaurs would naturally herd in large groups and were majorly a nomadic species as they didn’t feel accustomed to the human way of life, living in communities with housing. Centaurs for their shelter will stop traveling at night and set up large oversized tent structures to shield from rain and other elements.

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