Human Fall Flat – How to Get Dockyard Achievements

Dockyard Achievements Guide

Seas The Day

The hidden boat is on the other side of the crane halfway through the level. The crane and dock are after the automatic pallet lifter puzzle.

Finish the puzzle and jump through the red window at the top.

Turn left and look down over the green fence to see the boat. Walk to the wall and carefully move along it until you reach the dock with the crane.

Jump off the dock and land on the boat to get the “Seas the day” achievement.

Shattered Dreams

To get Shattered Dreams, break 6 glass panes in the map.

  • Break the first glass pane after the first hook conveyor ride at the start. Push a dumpster through the window.
  • Break the next 3 panes by completing a puzzle to push a barrel down a ramp into the glass. If needed, move the barrel to break any remaining pieces.
  • Find the 5th pane leaning against the right wall during the hook conveyor puzzle before the automatic pallet elevator puzzle.
  • The last pane is at the back of the scale room after the forklift puzzle. Breaking it should unlock “Shattered Dreams”.

Warning: Using “Load Checkpoint” respawns the glass. If you get stuck, go back and re-break the first window you pushed the dumpster through.

Olympic Grandeur

Olympic Grandeur requires swinging from a chain into a window in the warehouse after the dumpster window. It can be tricky and time-consuming to get the right angle.

  • Enter the warehouse and rotate the crank on the right to lower the chain. Get on the standard box on the right scaffolding.
  • Move the box under the crank and chain on the left. Turn the crank, lower the chain, and grab on.
  • Swing back and forth while aiming for the window. It may take a few tries.
  • If you make it into the window or close enough to wiggle in while holding the wall, “Olympic Grandeur” should unlock.

Note: Even if you hit the wall near the window, you can still get the achievement by moving into the window while holding the wall.

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