Hunt: Showdown – Noob Traps

What to Avoid for Newbies?

I am going to list some of the “noob traps” I see people fall into that you should consider avoiding for a while:

  • Bomblance. I don’t know what it is, new players get one good game with it and then insist on using it almost every single game only to get bodied almost all the time and be broke constantly. Just use a sword from time to time, or musket winfield bayonet or something if you want a instant kill melee, don’t get stuck on the bomblance it’s going to make learning the game VERY hard for you and won’t help you as much as you think it might.
  • Silenced nagant pistol. Some folks insist on taking this with everything when learning, and while it’s fine most times, if your first weapon is like a sparks or something, it fires way too slow to help you when you need it to. Good for practising on grunt AI, so I recommend taking it lots just fine, but don’t insist on it for EVERY loadout. Honestly, I don’t recommend silenced weapons outside of aiming practice to any new player for the first while for various other reasons too. You need good movement and map knowledge to make them most effective.
  • Flash bombs. New players flash themselves once or whiff a flash bomb and go “oh these are useless” and start wasting them to loot a dynamite or antidote shot instead from a cart. Don’t do that; keep trying and learn to use them.
    Flashes are the strongest consumable in the game, second only to maybe frag bombs. They can save you from a push, save you if out numbered, counter another flash, or even guarantee a kill and let you breech into places.

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