Hunt: Showdown – What the Necromancer Trait Takes Away

Explanation of Necromancer Trait

The Necromancer trait disproportionately impacts solo players by forcing them into a no-win situation. Let’s say you’ve just taken down a solo opponent. A cautious player would naturally be wary of the Necromancer ability and would likely have it themselves.

The next step usually involves keeping watch over the downed player’s body while frantically searching for a lantern to burn it, as fire disrupts the Necromancer’s abilities. And what if you’ve already used your firebomb for other purposes? You’re left in a predicament.

The Waiting Game

Waiting for a player to burn completely becomes an agonizing necessity for both parties involved. The downed player may wait for a third party’s intervention to turn the tide, which doesn’t add any strategic depth to the game—it merely prolongs it unnecessarily. And why this vigilance? Because I’ve witnessed players resurface in flames, benefiting from health regeneration as they resurrect.

Trait Point Discrepancy

What adds insult to injury is the point system. The Necromancer trait costs a mere 4 points, while something as basic as doubling bandage efficiency costs 9. The incongruity is glaring, especially when the latter trait may not even be used if you’re killed outright.

Suggestions for Change

If the trait is to stay, it requires modification. For instance, introduce a limited timeframe for solo players to resurrect, or have the revived player consume a health chunk. Yet even with these changes, the mere presence of Necromancer forces players to significantly alter their strategies, which feels ludicrous.

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  1. I have 0 problems with solo’s using necros. Its so easy to counter especially if you’re in close proximity. If you are a solo, you are going necro as well, fair game no? You can’t complain about the wait time bcz you yourself are having it. If you are duo/trio, your mates can guard body till you find burn. Sorry I just fail to see problem here(?) You’re likely mad cause you got killed by someone who got up.

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