Inscryption – Skull Storm Strategies (The First Boss)

Skull Storm Tips

Just cleared skullstorm using the Moose deck, oddly enough the chapter 3 wild encounters were the most difficult part to beat consistently due to the double-strike or diagonal-strike totem monsters. Seriously, 2 raven eggs with an alpha wolf between them on turn one. Both eggs with double strike and alpha boosted, hatching into 3/3 ravens on top of that still with double strike? Madness.

The first bear rush will be the hardest, but through a combination of pack rat sigil applied to Warrens, cycling for lane-clearing or stalling items to get damage in with the moose, it is very much possible. Cards like the cuckoo that can block off lanes of oncoming threats can countermeasure some of the more ridiculous late-game encounters, things like diagonal-striking rattler on turn one that could not be killed before coming onto the board.

Campfires, as well as any fight, can be reset before exiting the screen or taking an L, though if the campfire card is EATEN, you cannot reset the result. Successfully buffed monsters, used to test if the campfire is safe for 2 rests, can be re-encountered to buff the monster you most want and now know is at no risk.

Most useful items would be kill cards to leave a bear lane empty to swing for lethal damage, the ink pot to clear buff totem sigils can be extremely handy for the previously mentioned double-strike or diagonal-strike encounters.

Thinning out your desk is vital to seeing the card you most rely on to beat down and break through to deal actual damage, giving it undying can be extra secure in the case of insta-kill abilities like with the trapper or spiky adders. Yes, any damage dealt with the spiky ability applies any on-hit effects, including your own spiky ability, which results in a chain of counter attacks until one of the cards dies.

That’s about all the advice I can offer you, pray to the old data for good RNG and do your best.

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