Jagged Alliance 3 – How to Deal with Ammo Problem

Useful Tips for Solving the Ammo Problem

Many people found a way to deal with ammo problem which means that things you can do to solve the problem exist. I mostly use 7.62NATO and 7.62WP and I have 500+ of each.

  1. Start using long-range attacks instead of short range. Long range spends less ammo to deal more damage. It costs more AP to shoot but is much more effective. And you are safer if you kill enemy before it gets closer.
  2. Mod your weapons. I did the same as sooshon – on gewehr 98 rifles I used scope which adds 3 tiers of aiming if you shot without doing anything and silencer. It is a light rifle so you can even use free move with it to quickly reposition (although you lose 3 free tiers of aiming that turn if you do that). Later switched to better rifles but still use silencers and extra aims, either +1 to all shots or +3 to the first if I don’t move.
  3. Use ` to select everyone and H button to hide in the very beginning of each battle. You can even hide during the battle if enemies don’t see you, so you can sometimes go behind obstacles, hide, move back and setup an overwatch zone. Enemies won’t shoot at you when you are hidden, instead they will try to get closer and then your overwatch will trigger.
  4. Use overwatch oftern instead of trying to shoot. You can either attempt to shoot once with a sniper rifle during your turn or shoot twice during enemy turn. Until you can reliably do headshots it may be more useful to do two shots on overwatch instead. But usually it depends on situation, instead of doing risky shot it may be more useful to cover the area the enemy is in, then first shot will happen when enemy moves, second when he shoots.
  5. Hire useful mercs – Livewire (shows all enemies during the battle), Barry (two special grenades each week for free), Blood (endless throwing knives).
  6. Train militia 4 times (8 veterans) and don’t participate in defensive fights. They seem to fight better when you are not there. And you won’t be wasting bullets on something that is won automatically. Although in the first settlement if you complete a quest and build a machine gun the defense fight is kinda fun. But other than that first fight defensive fights are not that useful so don’t try to get back in time to help your units. As long as you have 8 veterans they can clear a fight with decisive victory.
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