Jagged Alliance 3 – Saving the President

How to Save the President

The way I did it twice was to bring two squads use half a squad on our left flank set them close. Set the rest of that squad mid way to support them.

Do a F5 save before fighting starts.

Use stealth on our right flank try to snipe the guard on the upper hill near where you spawn.

If good, then save and try to snipe the other two on our right flank and save each time so if something goes wrong for it’s best to knock those 3 out so you will be able set your other squad near the car on the road and below the mg area rocks so when the fight on the left flank gets their attention you then may use your right flank guys to help them and pick off what you can.

The trick is to not go up that middle road until the major comes down and fights and or when he gives the command to kill then you must make your move up that road at least half your guys should have guns that can shoot HE rounds it only takes a few to hit the major plus you can hit near the tent if you then have to move a little up that mid road.

You should also have a few members that have the (free move perk) plus have them use light armor. When in doubt throw everything you got at the MG’s and rush someone up to that hill towards the tent some enemy like to hide up there and shoot at him and there is always a sniper there too that locks on him. Sometimes you do get lucky the Pres runs out of the tent and somewhat down the hill which can help you in that case.

Sometimes you can fight for many turns before the major calls to kill but like I said once he does that you got to make your move. Throw smoke so the MG’s don’t see you or hit them with HE’s depending on how many you bring and whom is good in explosives to get the job done.

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  1. You can get some time with Smoke Grenades with e mortai 2 Merc that fire the entire Time Smoke Grenades on the tent give you some more time as the President will become difficult to Hit for the rest i spam HE Grenades around the Tent as normal there are 3 Enemys hidden that wait to kill the President in the mean time i give up Cover with my main Squad and go full Speed in direction Tent with free move Perk and light armor normal the Enemy have not the Time so to kill the President

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