Jagged Alliance 3 – Tips for Early Game Rifles

Early Game Rifles

So I know many of you are going to want automatic weapons or burst weapons etc.

Your going to get your first AK-47 and your going to be excited because its an AK-47. But this is not Rust lol.

In this game if your playing smart your likely using “Stealth” and engaging while hidden at range for double damage. And why not? 1 Shot 1 Kill makes sense less ammo used less fussing around making ammo etc.

So eventually many of you will get over your need to have the big gun that fires fast and waists ammo and will realize that the old work horse single shot rifles are the way to go.

The Life of a sniper is the way to go.

And for that these are the early game guns that can carry you and do the work.

  • Gewehr 98 modded w/ x5 scope and Improvised silencer
  • Dmg 36 Range 32 Crit 4 Aim Bonus 5

In this first island you get a horde of these old single shots and they are solid stick an improvised silencer on them and you have good range and good damage.

  • Winchester 1894 modded w/ x10 scope, extended barrel, Improvised Silencer
  • Dmg 43 Range 30 Crit 8 Aim Bonus 10

You start finding these on the mainland, and don’t pass them up. At first the un-modded version I found did not impress me why would I want to use a 24 range rifle. Well that’s easily fixed with a barrel extension as you can see in the image. Yes you do lose 2 Range from the previous gun but you gain extra damage and the ability to mount the X10 scope which turns an average merc into a sniper. Head shots are pretty much guaranteed. And your using .44 ammo that drops everywhere its very plentiful so this gun is one you should not pass up. Again Un modified it doesn’t look that great but its easy to mod into a beast.

This next gun I DONT recommend.

  • M24
  • DMG 46 Range 36 Crit 3 Aim Bonus 5

This is a much rarer to come buy early game gun that’s considered a true sniper rifle and compare it too the Winchester above its got a slight bit more damage and a slight bit more range. But it comes with “Cumbersome” Penalty that takes away your Free Move that is pretty big.

Yes I do use this gun but with a Merc who is kitted out with Heavy Armor which already is cumbersome so using this gun with him works fine… He already lost his free move due to the heavy armor.

But for my other Light and Medium armor merc’s I definately prefer that Winchester. So don’t sleep on it. Use it.

And my Last tip for those who have embraced the life of the 1 shot 1 kill sniper in hiding. If you have a solid gun and merc head shots are not that hard but if your Leary of your mercs skills and you really want to get that 1 shot 1 kill result, “The Groin” is a far better shot to take then the Torso, you get more damage often times enough to kill especially if its out of hiding.. And its a much easier shot to hit then the head shot…. So thats my last tip is don’t be afraid to take head shots but if you don’t think you got the skill yet the “Groin” shot is often just as good as a head shot and easier to make.

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