Jagged Alliance 3 – Useful Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks for Newcomers

You can combine Wire cutters with some grenades (the ones that blow up 1 turn after deployment) to get gunpowder (I don’t know where I got those but it gave me 4 or 5 more gunpowder).

If you are going to shoot through teammates, make the one in front go into a lower stance to avoid getting hit, it may seem like a dumb tip, but short of the one achievement, shooting your own team isn’t a good idea.

Shoot as often as possible while you are not spotted, as soon as you are spotted break line of side and repeat the stealth sniping.

If you fight near the water there’s a chance crocodiles will show up, deal with them before humans because they have a ton of hp and will come investigate if they hear gunshots.

Mods don’t require money or finding mods. They just need some materials: lenses (pretty common loot), steel pipes (rare than lenses, can be got randomly after dismantling some guns), chips (can be got by dismantling certain guns found later) and parts. So upgrade your weapons when you have enough parts.

Small diamonds are required for some quest later so don’t sell them too early (you will be able to buy them for 900/piece).

There is a right-click menu on items which can be used to combine some items or split stacks:

  • Wire Cutter+Pipe Bombs=Gunpowder+Wire Cutter
  • Wire Cutter+Timed TNT=TNT+Wire Cutter+Time Detonator
  • C4+Proximity Detonator=Proximity C4

You don’t have to carry ammo in your character’s inventory, just keep it in Squad stash and they can still reload. Use inventory for a lot of other stuff you may need, like grenades, upgrade parts, first aid kits, heavy weapons, etc.

If you have a high mechanics skill you discover a lot of hackable devices in each sector. These devices randomly reward 500$, 750$, 1000$, 1250$ or intel about an random close sector. You can save before hacking them to get the most out of them … could be useful if you are short on money.

Make the most of your machine guns as they get multiple overwatch shots and cover a large cone area when set up. Combined with snipers the enemy will just run into a wall of death!

Barrys shaped charges are awesome and its worth picking him just for these.

Be careful to balance out your guns based on ammunition needs. I went far to heavy with 7.62mm nato and have had to switch out weapons to balance with Warsaw Pact.

If you’re going to train milita then make sure to at least train them 3x to get some veterans

Its worth training up your weakest merks when you have the time. Strength for inventory space, agility for extra AP and obviously marksmanship tend to be my focus.

  • Grenades are your best friend. Especially when there’s a lot of them!
  • Roofs are not only for decorations, be a sniper!
  • Modify your gun as much as you can. You don’t need “time” to do it!
  • It helps to have someone with high wisdom in your team to see herbs and tell you about the vibe of a place
  • You don’t need to store EVERYTHING in your bags and inventory
  • Talk to most if not all civilians in major towns, they have so much intel “notes” to give
  • Try to secure mines for stable income. It doesn’t mean go straight to them, just secure one or 2 for the first few weeks
  • Use your stances like crouching and proning often, you’ll be surprised how much the enemies might miss!
  • Train militia in major towns if you can afford it!
  • Sometimes, waiting till night time to attack is easier than in daytime!

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