Kalevania – Guide to Controls


  • Arrow Keys: Walk, swim, crouch, climb, move shield, etc..
  • Z: Jump.
  • X: Attack.
  • Space: Use rune.
  • Q: Swap weapon.
  • W: Swap rune.
  • M: Toggle mute.
  • F: Toggle full screen.
  • Enter: Pause / menu.


  • D-Pad or Left Analog Stick: Walk, swim, crouch, climb, move shield, etc..
  • A: Jump.
  • B: Attack.
  • X: Use rune.
  • Left Shoulder: Swap weapon.
  • Right Shoulder: Swap rune.
  • Y: Swap weapon.
  • Start: Pause / menu.
  • Select: Toggle gamepad mode.

Note: You can change the default action keys / buttons by accessing the pause menu during gameplay.

Note: To exit the game, open the pause menu, and select “quit”. Alternatively, hold down ESC- key for 5 seconds.

Note: To adjust screen flashing setting, press “Page Down”.


There are 3 save slots available, and the game automatically saves progress to local storage when the player enters the map screen.

Difficulty Setting

You can choose between NORMAL and HARD mode when starting a new game.

Useful Info

  • Power up the power meter by holding down the attack button.
    • When an attack is performed with the power meter fully charged, it deals double damage.
    • When a powered-up attack is performed while jumping and the up button is held, additional momentum is added to the jump when timed correctly. More momentum is added when a heavier weapon is used.
  • Certain enemies can be damaged by simply jumping on top of them.
  • Both the sword and axe allow for BOGO- jumps, which are higher than normal jumps.
  • You can exit to the map screen at any time by selecting “Return to Map” from the pause menu.
  • From the map view, you can travel back to the starting village of Kaleva and purchase upgrades from Smith Ilmarinen, such as a double jump or the ability to slow down your fall. Try them out!
  • You can also revisit earlier levels to grind for more copper from respawning enemies.
  • If you exit to the map from an incomplete level, the items collected from that level can be kept, but you have to start the progress from the beginning of the level.
  • If you lose a life but have extra lives, you will re-spawn at the beginning of the current active level.
  • If you lose your last life, you will lose all copper you have collected and have to start the current level from the beginning.

Tip: If you are running out of your extra lives, return back to Kaleva, and visit Smith Ilmarinen’s shop to buy more, or spend your copper on something else!

Note: For a better gaming experience, it is recommended to use a gamepad!

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