Kenshi – Tip for Training Toughness

Great Way to Safely Train Tougness

I just found out recently great way to safely train tougness.

Get enslaved (I ussually start in Rebirth), get litle bit of lockpicking and stealth so you can move freely in night, then get status of escaped slave and just starve hidden on roof of slave shop (prefferably empty one so guards dont go up there in morning). When you starving bellow certain level (based on toughness) you start to randomly pass out (without getting damaged).

If you keep spaming move (to stand up) while slave shopkeeper is on floor below, you still get toughness exp since he is your enemy but he dont know where you are. Just dont go bellow hunger 10, since then you wont stand up on your own anymore. When you hunger reaches +- 11 go to cage so you get automatically fed a little (not to full but to your pass out threashould and prefferably at night so you wont get “released” to work) and then escape again until nearly starving to death again.

Its good to just run stealthed around the roof so your hunger go down quicker by not idling and its also good to carry few shackles so you can train your strenght along the athletics and stealth too.

When starting with everything at 0, in about 10 ingame days I get 90 toughness, 30 strength, 60 athletics, 70 stealth and 50 lockpicking. Id say its very effective and really safe for iron man players.

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