Kenshi – Useful Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks for Noobs

Don’t play as a skeleton on your first try. Holy Nation will attack on sight and healing is expensive (plus slavers don’t have repair kits so those guys won’t be able to save your bacon).

Be wary of anything you haven’t met before, sometimes it will be nice (traders, nomads, drifters) and sometimes it wants to eat you (cannibals, Beak Things, bonedogs, spiders).

Learn to run before you learn to fight as almost everything can be avoided by running and those that cannot will usually be lureable into something else (Beak Things into Gorillos for example).

NPCs with sticks is good combat training, NPCs with blades equal death if not careful.

Buy a building in a city for your first base. Unless you want death by building your own base to early.
And you cant pay off Death. He cranky and loves this game.

Note: Do not use full screen, it is broken and will not be fixed. Use Borderless instead.

Turn off Distant towns option (if enabled ever), Reload only via exit the game > Start the game. Cloudsaves don’t work for Kenshi (Keep in mind while doing backups).

If using mods – Copy them from Workshop Content folder to Mods folder inside the game directory. Also take load order in consideration – it really matters.

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