Last Epoch – Necro Building Tips

Tips for Necro Build

Almost universally damage stats are prefixes, defensive stats are suffixes. Every piece of gear has room for 2 of each, so its not that easy to accidentally make yourself a glass cannon.

One of the main exceptions to this is primary stats, which besides Attunement all give linearly scaling damage to their intended class, but also add to defensive stats, and are prefixes. This is a segue into telling you that for where you are in progression, if you dont have something better and more specific in mind, stacking your class’s primary stat is often a good idea for now. For Necro that means ward.

  1. You should have your resistances maxed, not necessarily because they’re mathematically so important to your survival, but because they’re some of the most cheap and efficient defensives in terms of power budget. Its not as critical as in PoE, but they’re still one of the first things to get. (its ok if you’re still working on that)
  2. Your primary stat on Necro is intellect, the defense that intellect buffs is Ward Retention. This would probably be good for you to get, since while you’re figuring things out, intellect will be increasing your survivability, while also increasing the damage of both your self-cast spells and your minions in a flexible way that no other stat really will.
  3. Ward Retentiion isnt that useful without ward generation. If you havent found any good items that give you ward generation yet, look around in your skills, necro has a few.
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