Lethal Company – Usefult Tips for Enemies

How to Deal with Enemies

  • Dogs follow noise. Don’t talk and you are fine. If you hear one growl, crawl at the back, close the freaking door and back away.
  • Worms can be avoided by droping your stuff and running straight.
  • Be carefull when you turn corners and often check behind you and braken can’t do anything to you.
  • Snare flea can be killed even by yourself if it land on your face and you had a shovel. Grab back the shovel and bash to free yourself.
  • Coil head can’t move if you look at it. attract one at the entrance an let someone keep watch.
  • Jester need 45s windup, can’t catch you if you keep walking away (he slow down to a walk when near you) And reset when nobody is inside for 5 seconds.
  • Ghost girl is made to force you to leave. She can’t catch you if you are not too heavy, stuck by walls or attacked by something else at the same time.

Only problem are giants as there is usually not enough cover to reach back the ship if they decide to camp it.

They see you from afar, even when foggy, run faster than you with unlimited stamina and the only counter is to either lose all your gear (tp) or use a one time costly item (flashbang).

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  1. girl and keeper, both annoying *** with no counter-play. everything else is skill issue unironically. jester can be reset after everyone leaves facility and wait 5 seconds after it activates and is on kill mode, dogs are the most easy and fair creature to deal with because they relay heavy on sound and can be avoided by just crouching, agreed on their unfair combo with keepers tho, but is mostly a keeper design problem

    only problem with Bracken is that they shouldnt be allow to combo with coil-head, zero counter-play scenario as well

  2. Fun Potential Fact:

    This game seems to default to a different audio source if you disable another. I have cut my mic and still seen the audio symbol appear when I talk…meaning it’s taking audio from either my camera or my laptop’s mic when I turn off the mic on my headset.

    That may be why people are having these inconsistencies. I believe turning “push to talk” on will fix this but, ironically, push to talk doesn’t work when you’re dead…meaning you’ll hot mic when dead no matter what you do.

  3. Sometimes the dogs work on logical behavior, but I’ve gone so far as to manually disable my mic within Windows settings, and the dogs will still lock on to my location a fair bit of the time – hence my complaint about them just walking into the ship when I go to the top to hide. I also had an incident with a dog breaking and refusing to acknowledge ANY sounds while running from it, after I played matador with it for a few charges while the rest of the crew was banking scrap. It just stood stock still and let me beat it to death with a stop sign.

  4. Dogs are easy to sneak past, crouch and don’t talk (also people need to turn down the sensitivity of their mics because in game creatures can hear your loud breathing and keyboard typing too)

    Worms are a bit trolly but the second you hear the rumbling sprint to the side as fast as possible.

    The ghost girl is pretty cool, she’s already super rare in the first place so oh well. Just deal with it.

    I think the Jester is the only creature in the game that is nearly impossible to fight back against. I think it could use a cool down between neutral and aggressive states, like if it rages around for a min or two irl and then goes back to box state afterwards so players can go back in and get stuff.

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