Let’s School – Stressed Headmaster (How to Fix)

How to Relieve the Stress of a Headmaster

You need a staff break room to lower stress for teachers/staff. It’s locked behind a research node.

If it wasn’t a relax thing and the character does managing job that require more managing capacity tthen what your character have, that can also increase stress and can be helped with training.

There’s an icon on your left side (above the research button or thereabouts) that looks like an organisation chart. Click on it and move (left click & drag) some of your facilities to be under the management facility (you can build multiple) instead of directly under the headmaster.


  • Management Facility 1 (40/45)
    • Classroom 1-1 (19/25)
    • Classroom 1-2 (16/19)
    • Toilet 1 (5)
  • Management Facility 2 (43/44)
    • Classroom 1-3 (23/23)
    • Cafeteria (15)
    • Toilet (5)

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