Lies of P – Useful Tips to Make Game Easier

Some tips / cheese / cheat to make your life easier.

Useful Tips

  • Aegis is bugged, you can hold it and spam your parry: It will give you perfect parry 100% of the time. It’s not the ultimate cheat because it still consume the bar so it’s limited (can use the legion item to refill it tho)
  • Throwing objects is very strong. You can also Increases throwing object possession limit with P-Organ. You can also make use of the Shot Put to trigger the stagger at range when playing slower weapon for exemple (you can also make the shop cheaper with P-organ)
  • Nameless amulet can be worth it at end game when you already have 9-10 cells. On average it’s 20% of chance to not consume your heal and if you are lucky it can give you 12-15 heal instead of 10. How many time did you run out of heal when the boss was low life and fail to kill it ? It happen quite often and this can help.
  • Ghost walk amulet let you dodge red fury attack. A lot of fury attack are tricky to parry and it make your life way easier. To get this amulet you have to sacrifice the dragon katana and it weight 21.9.
  • Perfect Grindstone can be very useful. It make your normal guard perfect parry. Duration of grindstone can be increase with P-Organ and you can get 2 charge of it.
  • Sometimes dodging is the answer. For exemple against Romeo, you can just walk/dodge on the left to avoid most of his attack instead of trying to perfect parry.
  • Puppet string arms fully upgraded is probably the best arms to deal with Elite monster (also work against bosses). It stagger them a lot and give you good windows to deal damage. Aegis is also very good.
  • If you need to refill fable to full before another boss fight attempt, you can visite the training grounds at hotel. Don’t know if it’s worth it tho.
  • (Not Tested) Against bosses with 2 phases (cut scene) you can teleport back to stargazer to get your heal cell refill and come back without resetting the bosses. I couldn’t test it yet but give it a try and tell us if it work.
  • Ultimatly you can install a mod to enable a hidden difficulty setting (ennemies deal 2x less damage). It’s easy to install and it can be removed at anytime to get back to the normal difficulty without bricking your game (I tested it, it work). Can be found on NexusMods.

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