Limbus Company – How to Defeat My Form Empties

Tips to Defeat My Form Empties

Karma is transferred from one character to another when they hit with an attack. If a character accumulates 108 karma they die at the end of the turn.

If you can reliably win clashes you can either collect karma from My Form and then use your IDs to transfer it to opponent of your choice, or clash with my form itself to make it put karma on random allies instead of you.

Every few turns (I think 3-4) my form will use 3 serious attacks on a character with most karma (be it your ID or one of my Form’s allies) which is deadly since each of these attacks builds up 50 karma and that is enough to put the character above 108 for instant death at the end of the turn.

I suspect (did not try it yet) that if you balance karma between different enemies so that 2 or 3 have the same amount of karma (and more karma than your IDs) my form might split its serious attacks between several allies and distribute karma more evenly to speed up the run.

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