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Useful Tips for Players

You can farm ID/E.G.O instead of doing gacha with Egoshards, required completing Battle Pass and Mirror Dungeon (unlock after Chapter 2).

Lunacy source is from weekly bonus of Mirror Dungeon (250 per completion), weekly cap at 3. And weekly maintenance (at least 300).

You can reroll extremely fast on mobile, at the sacrifice of performance if you don’t have high end phone at the moment.

Its pretty efficient to convert lunacy into stamina once a day if you have 100+ total max stamina. the weekly lunacy from md will cover this and farming shard boxes from the extra stamina in mirror dungeon is far more reliable then pulling gacha (and more cost effective if you have bp)

Daily rotation should be 1 EXP lux lvl3 clear (auto or not is up to you, auto is less efficient but saves some time if you lazy), 3 thread lux clears, then a daily mirror dungeon run. this’ll net you all daily quests and eventually all weeklyquest while also getting enough xp to lvl a new id to 30 every 2 weeks or so.

Most ids are usable and rarity doesnt really mean much so dont shy away from id that arent 000 class. its more important to know your enemies and bring id that can handle them

Aside from those as long as you can read (which seems to be asking alot from some people on the forums) youll generally do fine. only “hard” content we have had is railway and it wasnt exactly “hard” to clear it was “hard” to race for a low total turn clear count. Railway 2 coming in august(?) is bringing along uptie 4 which means the enemies are prob gonna be much stronger so we’ll see then

Be patient. Get all resources. Dispenser exists to buy everything you need.

Use Extractions if chance of getting new stuff is at least 50%. Don’t if not. Lunacy is better for Positive-Enkephalin refill than Extractions.

It’s best to wait until your Manager Level is 90 so your Positive-Enkephalin capacity is 150 so Lunacy refills all of it.

  • Skill 3 is strongest. Skill 2 is weaker. Skill 1 is weakest.
  • Skill priority on dashboard: Skill 3, Skill 2, Skill 1.

Resonance & Abs.olute Resonance are good but rare so use Skill priority instead.

Identities Skills do most of Damage, not E.xtermination of G.eometrical O.rgan Skills. Prioritize getting Identities that have Skills that can get high Final Power to Win Clashes & has many Coins to deal lots of Damage.

E.xtermination of G.eometrical O.rgan Skills are costly so it’s best to use it if current Skills on dashboard can’t Win Clashes. Area of Effect ones deal so much Damage if there are many targets so it’s good to use them as many times as possible.

Convert your unused stamina into enkephalin module (by clicking on your stamina bar).

Enkephalin module are used for absolutely everything, from dungeons, to farming ressources.

Whenever you have some stamina leftovers and you stop playing: convert it into modules. Heck, depending on how much time you have, it may be a good idea to log in on morning just to convert your stamina, even if you’re not planning on playing the game right away.

The game also gives you stamina box (enkephalin boxes), which you can also convert into modules.

Beat chapter 2 as fast as possible to unlock mirror dungeons. Then after that you can take your time with the story (complete it at your rythm).

Railway refraction is pretty hard for new players, so you’ll need a good team to attempt that content. Don’t expect clearing it when it comes out if you’ve just started.

Do at least 3 mirror dungeons every week… that’s the most important thing.

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