Lootun – Warden Tank Build with Tips

Build Guide with Useful Tips for Warden Tank

Capable of single tanking all heroic raid encounters while also providing DPS support abilities for late game DPS: Savage Flail debuff, Imposing Cry debuff, and Trinket debuff.

For extra tankiness swap out Imposing Cry for Defensive Stance, and Nomadic Runestone for Refuge. This skill setup works very well throughout progression even without content specific gear.

Note: Set the attack priority to round robin and have confidence that every mob will be attacking him.

Note: Natures Blessing heals him for most of his health already, and if using defensive stance having 2x heals to full HP every few seconds.


Stat priority for nemesis on tank should be: HP > BC/BR > Attack Speed/Other Defensive stats. Note that attack speed is also partially a defensive stat by providing more barrier from TB and less RNG from new mobs attacking your DPS before taunt is applied.

As for 100% crit avoidance: There is a passive in Defensive Stance skill that gives you 100% crit avoidance without causing you to take 10% more damage. There are some curses that reduce your stats below 100% but to be honest it isn’t a concern in this game.

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