Mad Games Tycoon 2 – Useful Tips

Tips for Noobs

There could be many things playing against you, things I used to do too when I started playing, please read all these, since none of these on their own will give you a 90%+ game every time, it’s the combination of all of them that does it:

  • Releasing a buggy game will cripple your review score, and releasing a game that’s too buggy will cause debuffs that further decrease sales. I’m pretty sure those are a thing even in Medium, although they should not be as harsh as in Legendary.
  • Having too few employees will cripple your review score.

Every employee will generate a number of “stat points” each second. Look at the four stats you see when looking at a game in development. From my testing, In 1976 you need to have at least 100 points to sound and graphics, but the game also expects you to have more of “Gameplay” since that’s the easiest stat to have at the start, so you’ll need at least 200 of it. If you’re making a racing game, the requirements for sound and graphics go up to around 150 and 120, while gameplay still needs at least 200.

UPD: These requirements go up with time, even in 1977 the minimum stat points are almost double as much, and it keeps growing so much, in 2015 your game may need to have many thousands of points to even be average.

  • Having no experience in too many game elements will cripple your review scores.

What is experience? Those “stars” you see for every item you use in a game. Topics, genres, platforms, gameplay features, engine features, they all have these ‘stars’ and the more stars you have, the better your game will be. Having less than three stars will negatively affect your review score.

But here’s another thing: The higher the ‘stars’ the cheaper some things will get. Specifically gameplay and engine features will be cheaper to add to your game if they have more stars, and they’ll also give your game higher stats.

How to Increase Experience

How to increase experience? Contract work, or making trash games using the same genres and topics.

  • And here’s a huge thing that the game doesn’t really make obvious (some people may think it obvious, but from a “never even looked at how game design works” POV it is not): You need at least one Game Designer. You can make an excellent game with only one of those, but not having one will make your game much worse than it could be. I generally have my CEO be a game designer since I can boost her skill in game design to 65, making her an above average game designer. Programmers get things like contract work done faster, and are in early game your main source of “Technical” points, so nowadays I’m using more programmers than developers (even having my CEO being the lone dev and having dozens of programmers early game.)
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