Magical Girl Celesphonia – Hidden Boss Locations

Where Are the Hidden Bosses?

The blue bosses are generally hidden past invisible paths that are visible with Exploration II (or better) engram, and guard a chest.


  • Dungeon: Sewer
  • Chest: Beginner Magic Guide
  • Location: Near top of the aphrodisiac pool

Renegade Butcher

  • Dungeon: Renegade Base
  • Chest: Chainsaw
  • Location: In a room on the fourth floor


  • Dungeon: Sealed Streets
  • Chest: Life Soul Seed
  • Location: Bottom of midpoint warp’s room

Demon Matrix

  • Dungeon: Secret Club
  • Chest: Lustful Bunny Suit
  • Location: Bottom-left of sixth floor

Mother Blob

  • Dungeon: Factory Ruins
  • Chest: Shadow Ring
  • Location: In “Small Room” room next to boss room


  • Dungeon: Academy Underground
  • Chest: Ring of Diligence
  • Location: Top-right of the pool room (north of midpoint warp room)


  • Dungeon: TV Station
  • Chest: Blast Cape
  • Location: Top-right of “1st Studio” room in third floor


  • Dungeon: Laboratory
  • Chest: Giant Shark Tooth
  • Location: In “Monstrum Room” room northeast from midpoint

Renegade Avenger

  • Dungeon: Underbase
  • Chest: Demon Rod
  • Location: North from endpoint warp


  • Dungeon: Dark Decay (post-game)
  • Chest: Abyssal Pearl
  • Location: Top-right, two rooms before the boss

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