Manor Lords – Food Supply Issue [Workaround]

How to Solve Food Supply Issue


I have 4000 of different foods in my storages but my granary workers wont take them to free markets . Houses in front of markets (which have lots of food) are starving.


Here is a good tip that might help fix the issue.

When you get farming plots going make sure the workers in those plots are not working in granaries, make sure they work at more passive things preferably re-foresting and logging, it severely bottlenecks your vegetable logistics and production, also your first plots should be chickens because once you get eggs going they are really powerful for stability.

Also at the start build 2 storehouses instead of one. One for food only and the other one for everything else, eventually you want one for firewood only. The workers on the storehouses should all be mainly focused on the storehouse these workers should preferably be the people that live on the chicken plots or plots whith no specializations.

Also (these one might be obvious for you at this point) have storehouses and granaries in extremely close proximity to the market and try to prevent people at hunting camps and berry camps set up stalls on the market if they do that means your storehouse are not working how they are supposed to either because you don’t have enough or because the workers are sidetracking on other duties.

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  1. Being able to set worker task, stall focus on/off would be good. A way to picture it is they make it so i can ban the berry gatherer from making stalls and moving berrys anywhere but their pantry, ideally you could set them to move berrys to a granery when their pantry is full.

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