Manor Lords – How to Make My Market Work

Useful Tips for My Market

First off you need to understand that if a Woodcutter (Firewood) is delivering firewood they transport it from their Woodcutting station 1 by 1. Since they’re usually far away they spend a lot of time travelling to their stalls instead of working.

So the current game version method is to create your marketstalls in the same location as your storehouse and granaries and then make sure only your storehouse and granary workers have setup stalls and every other production building does not have a stall.

You can by a bit of finnicky work, your storehouse workers create stalls according to the items in the building they’re assigned to. If there’s firewood in a storehouse they will create a firewood stall, if there’s leather in a storehouse they will create a clothing stall etc.

So the way to make them create stalls is:

  1. When your tannery has a worker with a stall setup make sure you reassign that family to a storehouse which contains leather in it, they will transfer WITH the stall so you can hire a new tanner who does not have a stall setup, same applies to firewood and all other types of production.
  2. Your marketplace needs to have a limited stall amount so you can control whos setting up a stall, otherwise method (1) and (3) won’t work.
  3. You can unassign any production worker who has a stall and make sure your storehouse/granaries currently contain the item types of your desired stall creation so they will be the ones taking over their abandoned stalls / they’re going to create new stalls if you destroy the old ones, while the workers are unassigned they also won’t create new stalls obviously.

Additional Tip: You can manage which items are allowed to be stored in the storehouses/granaries by clicking on the general tab, you can make individual firewood/charcoal storehouses only so you know every worker in there will create a firewood stall, same for clothing storehouses.

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