Melvor Idle – Bow vs Crossbow

Bow / Crossbow Tips

I wouldn’t say you should be using a crossbow outside of dungeons. You’ll only really want to use crossbows for (some) dungeons, as you’ll need the Damage Reduction a shield can give you.

Fletching Process Tip(s)

Besides the obvious Fletching, Smithing is also a part of the fletching process to gather what you need by tips or bolts, while it’s also wise to note that you CAN buy feathers in the shop under the materials section, really helpful for skipping that timely process as well, then for the arrow shafts, if you can get high tier logs either by having a high woodcutting skill or from loot, using those for shafts is preferred, the higher the tier, the more arrow shafts you’ll make.

My Preference

I for one like to have a lot of high preservation chance to save my ammo, but don’t want to use throwing knives, because you can only craft 4 at a time, so it takes a while to get a lot of them piled up, of course that is time costly.

Over Prepared

I end up using Bows, just crafted over 1M Dragon arrows and pretty much ready for anything until I reach stage 2 of the game and unlock more availability to craft better ammo/gear, while not necessarily will I need 1M Dragon arrows, but it’s at least there to know I won’t be running out any time soon.

Planning Ahead, Ammo Count/Amount

You’ll have to weigh your options based on the amount of ammo and time you have if you’re idling with it, so to make plenty or have plenty to achieve your end result as well.

Special Weapons Go To

Most of course go with bows, some crossbows but it really comes down to when you finally unlock special weapons for ranged is when your decision will be made to use those.

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