Melvor Idle – DLC Benefits for a New Player

Do You Recommend the DLCs for New Player?

  • Atlas of Discovery = New skills and new items for 0-99 levels.
  • Throne of the Herald = Unlock 120 level and new late game.

Throne of the Herald

Having this DLC specifically is still beneficial, even though there are some specific differences in what you actually have access to.

Combat & Combat Gear in TotH

Warning: Specifically to use combat gear, you have to defeat a base game dungeon that gives you access to equip weapons and armor of gear over level 99, without which, you cannot use them & your slayer also needs to be over level 99 to make use of all the new combat enemies, so combat will be the negative here and requires lots of grinding before it can be made access to.

Non-Combat Skills in TotH

However, non-combat skills actually are available right away, so even after hitting 99, leveling up non-combat skills even more give you access to more items, you can reach up to level 120 and have access to all that comes with it, without needing to do the combat dungeon to unlock the ability to use non-combat items.

Example: Maybe you wanted to make use of fishing new fish above level 99, cooking them and using them as food, get ahead on bonuses from Astrology reaching 120 & getting all constellations to 99 mastery, really helpful, just to name a few.

Atlas of Discovery

I can’t really say how useful the new Atlas DLC is currently as it’s new and it plays out as it’s own separate game mode as it’s not really tied to anything in the base game in terms of getting it started, but likely the bonuses come later with gear and other benefits.

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