Melvor Idle – How to Defeat Mysterious Figure Boss (The Mist)

Mysterious Figure Boss Tips

  • Phase 1: Use Ragnar god set + Infernal claw with dragon shield (any).
  • Phase 2: Use Aeris god set + Slayer crossbow with diamond bolt (rapid).
  • Phase 3: Use Glacia god set + Wand with scaled shield (magic: gust. frostbite if boss uses defense skill).

Accessories: Echoes ring + FEZ + max skillcape/infernal cape.

Use damage reduction potion and use protect (melee/ranged/magic) + divine precision. You need high evasion to evade boss dangerous attacks and high accuracy to quickly kill the boss.

The boss can deal massive damage per amount of marks the boss apply, so finish attack first then manually eat. The faster your attack interval, the faster you remove mark stack, the bettter.

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  1. you have to beat them with their own attack type, so beat ranged with ranged, etc. If you’re doing that and still cant win, leave and come back when you’re actually prepared. Get your astrology maxed, get your agility maxed, get prayer maxed and herblore for the prayers-potions, set up on the cartography tile if you have it, get your gear to a reasonable level, I did it with no real issues at all using just the god gear from the prior 4 dungeons

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