Melvor Idle – How to Make Easy Money

Easy Money

Base game, in order of easiness to set up:

  • Fishing whales (4M an hour max)
  • Thieving knights with Monkey syngergy (8M an hour max)
  • Agility (5M an hour max)
  • Cutting logs and selling birds’ nests (8M an hour max)

There are ones with much more money per hour, but they have zonkers requirements for the optimal rate.

Tip: Don’t repair in winter, repair costs are now raised until spring.

There’s also growing Carrion Trees, but that’s 120 Farming….still, it’s very easy to set up and the logs sell for a LOT of money.

You can get Raven’s Nests from any tree from Spruce onwards, which will give you the Carrion Tree Seeds.

Crystal mining is absolutely crazy if you have the new expansion.

In Ancient Relics mode it’s the goto method for money making. I ran it on my standard character and it looks like it’s about 5M an hour on the top end.

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