Melvor Idle – How to Spend Mastery XP and Tokens

Tips for Mastery XP and Tokens

Use the token, and then check the mastery checkpoints.

Sometimes you might want to use some of your mastery pool to kickstart your mastery in a new thing you’re doing, but you want to balance spending with saving for the bonuses that you get from hitting various checkpoints.

Example: Right now I’m at 23.79% in my firemaking mastery pool, so I’m really close to the 25% checkpoint and I don’t want to spend anything.

But once I’m past 50% the next one is at 95% so if I wanted to start burning different logs I could use pool xp to get some levels on the new logs, as long as I didn’t dip below 50% again.

If that makes sense? But it’s a bad example as I want to get to the 95% checkpoint.

What’s the benefit of leveling up then?

Depends what you’re doing.

In firemaking getting 99 mastery on a log type gives a small global mastery buff. So there is a reason to get each log type to 99 (aside from completion).

Other skills have different things, like for mining mastery on a particular ore increases the hp of the rock and gives increased chances at double ore.

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