Melvor Idle – Starting Tips for Adventure Mode

Adventure Mode Tips

In Adventure Mode, you need a Gold + Combat grinding plan.

The best first-kill/grind in Adventure Mode is to only fight Plants and stack up the Potato loots as your going food source, and then move on to chickens to grind feathers for gold (that you need to start unlocking skills in Adventure Mode), and so on.

A “way” to tackle Adventure Mode and make the gold that you need, is to focus on setting yourself up to infinitely kill/harvest from Cows without fail, and sell their 50 GP value hides. My own path that I have done an experiment with, is to unlock Mining first, Smithing second, with the logic that you’re starting with a Melee character and buying the means to mine and make your own Melee gear simply makes sense.

You end up with a decent gear set for killing Cows without death being a problem, and if you can leave the computer on to grind killing cows on the side for hours, and balance your Attack/Strength/Defense level-ups by changing weapons (I trend toward Swords+Shield/Attack, Scimitar+Shield/Slash, and 2H Sword for Block).

Since your Combat skill caps your non-fighting skill top end, you’ll only end up with Iron Gear for a bit, but that puts you into the range to kill cows continuously without death.

In terms of leveling up Combat, a Cow has 800 HP so even with the elevated Adventure Mode’s stats for combat (if one hasn’t played Adventure Mode, there is a significantly different scaling of combat skills and character HP) — this elevated scaling means you’re able to hit the cow at least twice before it dies, ensuring you’re leveling up that combat skill more than just a one-hit kill that must reload.

Later on, you’ll find the “easy kill” equivalent of cows to grind on, but cows are a great starting/grinding point for this technique.

From there, it’s just a matter of how much you want to let the Grind play out for your Combat skill – one could theoretically just let their PC grind out on cows until they top out at 99, and then the entire game’s skill are open for max leveling, or you could stair-step with accompanying skills on your march to 99 Combat Skill.

But I say this because – in theory, a player could just buy Mining and Smithing and no other skill, and make it to level 99 Combat without food of any sort (you can also choose to simply kill as many as you can early on then loot and run away, come back when healed from killing plants and munching potatos, etc.).

My “why” on Mining first in Adventure Mode also – if you do offline work, mining will render a lot of gems that you can sell for accumulating the gold you need to unlock other skills, plus the melee gear. Once you unlock Silver Mining and Silver Bars, going offline mining Silver can make an enormous amount as the bars sell for 51 GP each.

However, if a player wants to suddenly deviate to a Ranged or Magic character in Adventure Mode, a new-to-game player should consider that moving away from Melee effectively will require unlocking multiple skills to ensure you have top-notch gear, so it’s quite a grind to try and switch away from Melee in Adventure mode — not impossible, but a lot more time-consuming and never guaranteed to be infinitely “on” due to consumption of some components, be it arrows or runes.

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