Melvor Idle – Tips for Spider Forest Gear

Spider Forest Gear

If you dont have auto eat 1, you can do manually with any gear with strongest weapon you have, simply eat food when you are low health.

If you want to afk with auto eat 1, you need 710 hp.

To make it easier, you can use full (G) adamant gears, with 20% damage reduction, you need 570 hp, then use strongest weapon you have (remember auto eat do not interrupt your attacks).

For early game, you can do fishing, sell fishes as well as gems (dont sell gems beyond ruby. they are needed for later).

If your hp is high enough, you can do thieving. thieving is difficult to make profit early on, but as you level up and get good thief gears, you can make riches there thieving knight with monkey + leprechaun synergy summon.

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